Top Note Body Oil

“This body oil is a proprietary citrus essential oil blend using the highest quality oils that absorb instantly. The invigorating mix of hypnotic wild orange and litsea cubeba leaves me breathless!” -Josh Rosebrook (picked as his favorite in New Beauty magazine)

More Love For Top Note

"I can't be without it! The best. Thank you for making the very best body oil." ~Katie

“This is my first time trying 28 Litsea and this oil is amazing!! This scent is out of this world, citrus notes that smells oh so good. The oils absorbs quickly creating moisture and nourishment to the skin. I love putting this on after a shower and soaking in the smell makes me always feel uplifted.” ~Megan / Organic Meg

“This wild citrus body oil smells freaking awesome. It locks in moisture and gentle enough for my skin.” ~Janet

“I just want to say that body oil has the most addictive super fresh scent of all times. This oil absorbs very quickly into the skin and you smell fresh and delicious all day. Also, it leaves my skin moisturized throughout the day without any greasiness. I am really loving this body oil! It is fabulous!” ~Riddhi

“I’ve been using the Top Note Wild Citrus Body Oil. You just massage it into your skin after a bath or shower. It smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling so soft. It also soaks into your skin well, so it doesn’t leave that oily residue that most body oils do.” ~Linda-Carol

“The best kept secret to keeping my summer tan into the fall months is 28 Litsea’s body oils. They keep my skin healthy and moisturized so there’s no after sun peel.”~Kevin

Melted Balm

Melted Balm highlighted as Jane Kirby's "never leave home without" products in Drew Barrymore's Drew Magazine.

Petala and Melted Balm

“I have had very dry lips recently and I didn’t know what to do to fix them as nothing worked. I used your melted balm only over the last two hours and my lips are nearly back to normal, which is insane because I’ve been working on this for two weeks prior. I’ve also used it for any wounds, scrapes etc and it works - almost instantly! I love it! It’s one of the best products I’ve ever used and I have a high standard and use top quality, natural products.” - Sally J

Smooth Talk

“This is my go-to lip balm. Christine is a truly wonderful person and her formulations are top notch. If you haven’t experienced them, you need to!” ~ Josh Rosebrook

"It absorbs and relieves chapped and cracked lips while leaving a long-lasting coating of balm-y protection. The best part about this balm, though, is that although its oil based, it’s above all creamy. The opaque color and rich, creamy texture really set it apart from any lip product I’ve ever tried." ~ Jennifer E.

“I’m always restocking 28 Litsea’s Petala Balm. I have one in every desk drawer, car, pocketbook, nightstand, everywhere.” ~Jessica - Bare Beauty Blog

“Petala is the perfect combination of moisturizer and protecting balm. I really love this balm.” ~Barbara

“For my every day lip balm 28 Litsea’s Petala Balms are the BEST! The babassu oil is my favorite, plus the shape of the balm hugs the it! I hoard these babies.” ~Sara K.

"This little gem is just so convenient, it provides intense moisture to my lips while giving me a subtle sheer wash of color that is perfect for when I’m in a rush or need a bit of color throughout the day." ~ Lauren V.

“Melted Lip Balm by 28 Litsea is one of those products that makes you wonder how you lived without it before. Not only is this balm super hydrating and deeply nourishing for lips, it works miracles on dry cuticles, calluses, and cracked skin anywhere on the body.” ~Natasha

“Melted Balm: I absolutely love this balm. I use it as a night lip mask. I wake up with well hydrated plump lips. It has a thin consistency and smells devine. This comes in a beautiful glass jar. Just love it.” ~Champika

“I tried the melted balm and what a beautiful formula! I used it on my lips that are usually so dry that no balms help. Thank you so much.” ~Shalom

“The Melted Balm is lovely on lips, cuticles, elbows, and that dry spot around your nostrils from blowing too much. It can even be used as an overnight lip mask.” ~Bella

“The melted balm is moisturizing, nourishing and healing. It’s the real deal. You can use it a zillion ways. I’ve found it to be the most effective before bed lip balm out there.” ~ Kevin